NOHVCC News, March 2014 edition


This Utah “Win-Win” Is Good For OHV Riders And The BLM


Off-highway vehicle (OHV) riders need trails. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) needs volunteers to help sign and maintain trails. A BLM recreation technician coordinates volunteer projects. OHV riders show up and help get the job done.

That’s a common success story at BLM Field Offices.

In Utah, they’ve taken that win-win scenario to the next level: The hours OHV riders volunteer on trail projects help pay the salary of the BLM Rec. Tech.

Jaydon Mead is a Recreation Technician at the BLM’s Price Field Office. It’s a position he’s held for over two years as part of the BLM Pathway Internship Program. In May, he will graduate from Utah State University with a degree in Recreation Resource Management, and continue his work…..Read more


States Grapple With ROV Definitions, Adopt ROV-Specific Laws


In the late ‘90s there were a handful of manufacturers of off-road utility vehicles. Today there are over 40, building what are most commonly called side-by-sides by riders and recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs) by manufacturers. Check out these milestones, reached in 2013:

1,000,000 -Number of ROVs in use in North America.

200,000+ -Number of new vehicles sold, twice the number sold just 4 years earlier.

100+ -Number of models to choose from, sold by the seven major manufacturers that are voting members of the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA).

30+ -Number of additional, non-ROHVA manufacturers building these vehicles.

Agencies grappling with ATV vs ROV regulations…..Read more


Dealer’s “Wrench Night” Gives Riders Tips On Service, Clubs and Places To Ride


For years, in the dead of winter, Jim Miller and his riding buddies would have a “wrench day.” They’d meet at someone’s garage or pole barn, set up a portable heater and get their dirt bikes ready for spring. Two years ago, Miller took over as general manager of Championship Powersports, a small motorcycle dealership in Wauseon, Ohio. In an attempt to fire up customers in the off-season, he created “wrench night.”

“It’s been a huge success, customers love it,” said Miller. “We invite 100 to 125 customers. We bring in 25 or 30 large pizzas, water and soft drinks. We have our service techs put on a series of mini technical seminars. They’re 20 to 25 minutes apiece. We’ll do four or five over a span of 3 to 4 hours. We start at 6 p.m. and break up around 10. Last year, I still had people at the parts counter buying stuff at 11:30…..Read more


Sage Riders To Racers: “Want To Keep Racing? Join A Club!”


“Wow, that was a fun race.” “I really enjoyed Loop 2.” “That was a tough race!” These are the comments you hear as you “bench race” on the way home after enjoying a weekend in the desert doing what you love most. Spending time with family and friends is the best.

We all love a great race that challenges us mentally and physically. The 2 to 5 hours spent racing on race day seems like a lot. Behind the scenes, the race continues long after the checkered flag is waved for the finishers. In fact, the work to put on a desert race is 24-7-365. Permits, course finding/mapping, setup, take down, results, info before and after a race…

Every club welcomes volunteers on race day to help with the logistics of putting on a race. THANK YOU! However, a club needs club members to put on their races. USRA meetings, BLM meetings, club meetings, boring! But if the same person or people put on the races year after year they WILL get burned out and walk away from racing. It’s too much work and very little reward sometimes, especially when the complaints roll in. When people walk away, who takes their place? Read more


Post-Tornado Cleanup Brings Ohio Club Positive Image And New Members


After a tornado ripped through Ohio’s Maumee State Forest, Matt Bucher went out to the OHV trailhead, videotaped the destruction and posted the footage on YouTube. Overnight, a thriving pine forest was flattened to a field of downed trees, covering the trail system. “It was unbelievable. Most of the tornado damage that you see on the video is the west side of the Maumee State Forest APV (All-Purpose Vehicle) area,” said Bucher, founder of the Toledo Trail Riders.

His motorcycle and ATV club was just 2 years old when the forest was destroyed, but had already made inroads to improve the trail system within the Maumee State Forest. Bucher and three friends started the club for that very purpose. His father — who taught Bucher to ride — had witnessed two riders die on the trails. “It shook him pretty good,” said Bucher. “That was always on his mind, things that bothered him about the place. Trails were three pickup trucks wide. Guys that don’t know how to ride fast would go in there, hammer it in the whoops, hit a tree root and down they’d go. I thought we had to do something. It was just too fast.”….Read more


Mixed Gear Bag

RecConnect will be conducting a trail layout and design clinic in Bend, Oregon April 14-17, 2014. The four-day workshop will consist of one day in the classroom and three days in the field. Maximum class size is 12. Visit or call RecConnect at 541-419-1979 for more information.

March 28th is the last day to nominate your project for the Coalition for Recreational Trails 2014 National awards. Send in your nominations for the successful use of the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) funds. There is always a need for good OHV projects.

The 2014 NOHVCC/INOHVAA annual joint conferences will be the week of August 17 – 23 and will be back in Great Falls, MT. The schedule is:
Tuesday, August 19th – Program Manager’s Round Table
Wednesday, August 20th – INOHVAA Annual Meeting and Sessions
Thursday, August 21st – Mobile Workshop
Friday, August 22nd – Joint INOHVAA/NOHVCC sessions and annual banquet
Saturday, August 23rd – NOHVCC sessions and team time
See the conference page for information about the 2014 conference. More information is being added as it comes in and the agenda is being created.

Is your State helping to fund the NOHVCC OHV trails guidebook? You still have the opportunity to get your State’s logo on the book and website pages. This is eligible for RTP education funds. Send us a message at for more details

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