ORBA Appointed To DRECP Group To Advise The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) is a major component of California’s energy planning efforts. California State Senate Bill No. 2X, signed into law by Governor Brown in April, 2011 increases California’s renewable energy portfolio standard to 33% of all retail electricity sales by 2020.

The purpose of the DRECP when completed, is expected to further these objectives and provide binding long term endangered species permit assurances while facilitating the review and approvable of renewable energy projects in the Mojave and Colorado deserts in California.

ORBA has been appointed to the Stakeholder group by Governor representing the recreation community. These stakeholder meetings are held monthly around the state. The meetings include field trips to areas being proposed for development, face to face public meetings and webinars.

This process is in its first year and we are now asking for “Scoping Comments” to be submitted by the concerned public.

The real headline in all of this is that for the first time state and federal agencies are combining efforts to develop a process that could streamline the permitting of these permits.

ORBA’s position in the Stakeholder group shares responsibility in protection of the existing recreational and OHV areas of use. The complexities of such a project are far reaching and complicated, so it is very important that our community have a voice in this process. For questions and comments about the DRECP please contact the ORBA office. We will continue to share information, as it is available.

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